With the color matching tool, you choose the main colors, and with the result you have the combined colors to use in your projects.

Formato / Format Hexadecimal RGB RGB%
Cor / Color 1  
Cor / Color 2  
Paleta / Color Palette  

Como usar?

  • Escolha o formato.
  • Digite o código da cor, ou escolha na tabela de cores RGB. Preencha os campos "Cor / Color 1" e "Cor / Color 2", com as cores que deseja combinar.
  • Escolha quantidade de cores que você deseja obter o resultado em "Combinações / Combinations"
  • Em Paleta / Color Palette, você pode obter 10 resultados.

How to use?

  • Choose the format.
  • Enter the color code, or choose from the RGB color table. Fill in the fields "Cor / Color 1" and "Cor / Color 2" with the colors you want to combine.
  • Choose how many colors you want to get the result in "Combinações / Combinations"
  • In Paleta / Color Palette, you can get 10 results.

Choosing the right color for a project is very important. The designer and illustrator need to be aware of the color combinations of a particular brand, product or a new visual design. It is not only the beauty of a color that will ensure the success of your project, an out-of-the-way color can give a negative result and no return.

Colors have many effects, and can enhance memorization, recognition, and also to create identity. In the case of websites and blogs, the correct use of colors can be a great tool to facilitate navigability, making the user visit more intuitive. And in printed materials, the information needs to be highlighted, a balance with the images, and visual identity. Using the color-matching tool will be a differential in your design.